Improve the functionality and performance of the FreeRearviewCam app with special equipment

Quite some people have a lot of  useful equipment to go with the FreeRearviewCam already at hand. That's great. For all others, maybe you get some new ideas how to improve the functionality and/ or the performance of your FreeRearviewCam with some of this equipment.
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Smartphone Mounts

My favourite especially to use with trailers because it has a real wealth of different phone holding settings: the Anker dashboard and windshield phone mount

Quite useful with trailers since it features quite sophisticated settings; however it does not hold the phone very fast, so for upside-down mounting not a real recommendation: TaoTronics car mobile phone holder

Electricity supply

High speed dual phone charger plugged in the cigarette lighter of your car, i.e. you can charge your front phone and back camera from a single cigarette lighter - assuming you also have the necessary charging cables (see below): Anker Power Drive Speed 2

iPhone power cable 0.9m (especially suited for the front phone):

iPhone power cable 1.8m (especially suited for the back camera phone):

Android power cable 1m (especially suited for the front phone):

Android power cable 2m (especially suited for the back camera phone):

Lenses to improve the camera coverage

Coming up soon